IBM 1130 may need rescue in Edinburgh!

Brian Knittel brian at
Fri Jun 24 11:32:13 CDT 2005

Hi folks,

We just got a brief note at from a guy who spotted
an IBM 1130 "looking in a bad state in the street out the back
of the ibm edinburgh office."

I don't know yet if it's still there now -- this could have been in 
1975 and he just got around to looking it up -- but is there anyone 
in or near Edinburgh who might have the interest in rescuing it, if 
it turns out not to be a false alarm? At the very least, it should be 
inspected to see if any useful parts could be salvaged from it before 
it gets hauled off by the garbage men.  

Please let me know if you can help if it pans out. I'm trying to see 
if I can get more details.


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