Programming 2708's

Joe R. rigdonj at
Sat Jun 25 09:25:18 CDT 2005

I have a DataI/O model 19 and I think I have a 2708 plug-in for it.  The
reason that most programmers don't support the 2708 is because it requires
three voltages to operate. Come to think of it, I have a couple of old
Prolog programmers and I think that I may have 2708 plug-ins for one of
them too. FWIW I bought the Prolog units because they were all I could find
that would program the 1702s.


At 11:12 PM 6/24/05 -0400, you wrote:
>	OK, I'm ready to burn a modified copy of the Altair Turnkey Monitor
>into a 2708 to use in my 8800b as a test program. Lo and behold, my
>programmer won't do a 2708 -- it'll only go down to 2716. Naturally I don't
>have any 2716s around and the VG ROM board accepts only the 2704 or 2708
>(without modification).
>	So I browsed around eBay and elsewhere to see if any other
>programmers support the 2708 and it seems that none do. They all start at
>the 2716.
>	What programmer can I look for that has the ability to program a
>	Thanks.
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