RML380Z ROM images

Lawrence Wilkinson ljw-cctech at ljw.me.uk
Tue Jun 28 01:24:08 CDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 02:06 +0100, lee davison wrote:
> > ps. are 2716's known for failure in this way?
> Yes, especially if they've been flash photographed.
> (Ididot photographer killed three of eight EPROMs
> on a control system card after being told not to
> use the flash in the equipment room.)

We had something like this on a building security system, c. 1986, in
what was destined to be the Auckland Stock Exchange.  We'd just finished
installing it on behalf of the manufacturers/suppliers, and they were so
pleased with it that they decided to take some photos of the various

On the first flash the whole system crashed, stopping anyone from
getting through doors or pressing lift (elevator) buttons.  It wasn't
actually controlling the lifts themselves, that was probably still good
chunky flash-resistant relays.

The system recovered after a power cycle.  They decided it would be a
good idea to cover the EPROMs with the nice metallised stickers, rather
than coloured paper ones.
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