Xilinx Fans

William Donzelli aw288 at osfn.org
Tue Jun 28 21:28:45 CDT 2005

I know there are a few on the list.

I have a card set (mystery custom job) that contains a bunch of
FPGAs. Rather than pluck out the Xilinxs and offer them, I am just going
to offer the whole shootin match and let YOU pluck the Xilinxs out.

(1) 2018-70PC84C
(2) 2018-100PC84C
(2) 3030-100PC68C
(1) 3030-100PC84C
(7) 3042-100PC84C

All socketted! Unknown condition. The boards also have lots of other
oddball parts (soldered in mostly). I will pluck out the three i960
microprocessors, unless someone needs them, as well.

Offers plus shipping?

Contact me off list.

William Donzelli
aw288 at osfn.org

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