SASI device <-> PC ?

Michael Thompson m_thompson at
Thu Jun 30 16:34:37 CDT 2005

Western Digital made a SASI to parallel port controller board. I used one 
on a CP/M system. If you could find one it would be really easy to connect 
one to a PC.

At 12:30 PM 6/30/2005, Jules Richardson wrote:

>Has anyone here successfully interfaced a SASI device to a PC at the
>hardware level?
>I've got a few classic systems which use SASI (or not-quite-SCSI)
>controllers to talk to SASI-ST506 bridge boards and from there to ST506
>type drives.
>As has been documented many times in the past here, an ST506 drive has a
>pretty tight relationship with its controller, and so hooking up the
>drive to a different controller (say MFM controller in a PC) causes all
>sorts of problems when it comes to backup.
>Hence driving the SASI side of things (and preserving the drive/bridge
>board relationship) would seem like a sensible move when it came to
>backing up data. In theory data could then be restored to a replacement
>drive if/when the original dies via the same method.
>Presumably inventing a simple SASI board to hang off a PC parallel port
>(say) is a lot easier than mucking around with the equivalent for floppy
>drives - or is the data rate still likely too low to cause timeout
>problems within the bridge board's firmware?
>I've got several Acorn, Torch and RML machines which use bridge boards
>and in most cases the tools needed to back up and restore data have long
>since vanished off the face of the earth (my RML fileserver's a
>particularly important one as it seems to be the only one left in the

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