Kicked out

Jay West jwest at
Tue Mar 1 14:15:55 CST 2005

Wai-Sun wrote...
> Just to inform you that I was kicked out of the list, which I've since
> resubscribed again. I noted that other long gone ex-list members were
> resurrected accidentally too...
> Good luck.
> /wai-sun

Actually your kicking was a lil intentional. Not because of any 
misconduct.... but apparently your mail server was having a very bad day. 
When mailman goes to deliver a post to all subscribers, it breaks it up into 
about 15 separate chunks of email addresses with a delivery agent assigned 
to each chunk. This is done for two reasons - one, delivery is faster that 
way, and two, because it minimizes the effect of people who have a bad 
mailserver on others. What will happen is if your mailserver is down or 
extremely slow (and this list is plagued by people who do have poor 
mailservers on average it seems), the delivery process hangs up trying to 
talk to the bad mailserver for a long time. This causes the remainder of the 
15 person chunk to sit around on hold.

Along those lines, I had posted that the mailman list membership migration 
tool doesn't migrate the "no mail" flag. So many of the accounts who had 
their "no mail" flag set, started getting emails from the list. In many 
cases, people do that when they want to unsubscribe but they are too lazy to 
really unsubscribe, or think it's going to be a short period of time, so 
they just set their no mail flag instead. When it got turned on again 
(because the migration doesn't preserve that flag), a ton of people who 
hadn't been on the list for years suddenly started getting email again, many 
of those email addresses were no longer valid.

What this means is, I had to go through and find all the entries in the 
queue that were slow or no delivery and cancel their subscriptions. I didn't 
recognize your email address, so I figured it was one of those when in fact 
it was just that your mailserver was coughing just last night anyways.

In addition, people may now start getting duplicates if they actually 
subscribed to both cctech and cctalk, with one or the other set to "no 
mail". Since that flag is gone, they will start receiving duplicates - one 
from each list. There is NO GOOD REASON to subscribe to both lists. They are 
the SAME LIST. If you subscribe to both, you WILL get double posts. Or more 
precisely, you'll get double posts of everything the moderator deems as 
being on-topic and single posts of everything the moderator deams as 
off-topic. Some people get around this by setting the nomail flag on one or 
the other subscription. I have no clue why people would want to do this but 
maybe I'm missing something.

Anyways... sorry for the uncerimonious unsub Wai-Sun! Let me know if you 
have any more trouble.

Now I gotta figure out why HtDig (what makes the list archives searchable) 
is choking on it's run every night on cctalk.

But that's getting put off for a day, I'm gonna go spend the rest of the day 
with my 11/45 :)


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