Re installing XP on Sony

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at
Thu Mar 3 18:38:02 CST 2005

 You seemed to have left out a few words so I thought I might help
a little.

>From: "Jim Isbell, W5JAI" <jim.isbell at>
>No, this is NOT a PC support list, it is a general list for computer

>talk which is what my post is.  If you need to be "on topic" go to the
>cctech list.

 This is an un-moderated "clasic computer" list that
tolerates some off topic post. Also, it is self
regulating in that many off topic post may be
flamed. Members should refain from posting replies
to post that, if allowed to continue, damage the list
in general. Even when they know the answer.
I'll admit that I've not always been
able to stop myself but many times I have.
 What to do with Windows XP is way outside of topics
covered under clasic computers. The worst of it
is that this list most likely has only a small percentage
that are up on dealing with XP. Most just use it
only when needed and for nothing else.
 We are not trying to turn you off towards the list
but help you realize that there are better places
to handle your particular problem.

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