Amiga History Tape (+bonus Computer Chronicals Amiga episode)

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Fri Mar 4 17:59:30 CST 2005

...and that's exactly what had happened, on August 13, 1984 Atari filed 
breach of contract against Amiga, the suit was settled in a closed 
agreement in 1987.

Also Warner had to adjust the sale price to the Tramiels for Atari since 
they Amiga chips were part of the sale to Tramiel Technologies, Limited.


cswiger wrote:

>On Fri, 4 Mar 2005, Curt @ Atari Museum wrote:
>>The only problem I have with RJ Michaels talk is he completely rewrites
>>history on Amiga's dealing with Atari, omits the fact that Amiga was
>>desperate for cash in late 1983 and through one of the unspoken chip
>>designers - Joe Decuir, who also was on Jays team at Atari who did the
>>final production version of the Atari 2600 and the Atari 800  Amiga met
>>with Atari and signed into an agreement with Atari for $500,000 to help
>>Amiga complete its chipset and on June 30th 84 they were supposed to
>>deliver working silicon to Atari's offices under a contract that Atari
>>would produce its own line of Lorraine chipset products.    Instead of
>>delivering the chips, the gave a check to Atari for $500,000 (from
>>Commodore) and went into breach of contract.     If it wasn't for Atari
>>coming in late 83' with cash the chipset might not have seen the light
>>of day.
>Hi Curt - I don't know, but in this tape they talk about the cash
>crunch, mention people getting 2nd mortgages to stay solvent - but
>they didn't say anything about breech of contract with Atari. Jack
>Tramiel bought Atari from Warner in 1984 - certainly he would have
>taken legal action to get the chips if he thought he had a case.
>You know, Mr. "Business is War". RJ talks a lot about Atari knowing
>they were in a bind and offering less than $1 / share, and working
>out a last minute deal w/ Commodore for $4.25, then paying off Atari.

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