Cromemco Software - what to do with it?

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Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 07:08:16 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Re: Cromemco Software - what to do with it?

On Sun, 27 Feb 2005 mhstein at wrote:

>> There are numerous systems out there, and Herb and Howard et al are
>> doing a great job of archiving the documentation, but what about the
>> software? Is anybody archiving the various versions of CDOS, Cromix &
>> Unix, and the languages & applications?

>I know I've got lots of various versions of this stuff on various media.
>Nothing concerted, however.
That's my point; I'm sure there are many bits & pieces out there but,
unlike the manuals, there doesn't seem to be much on the 'net anywhere
in any organized way.

Randy has suggested that Gaby might put it on her site, so that might 
be the answer.
Maybe those of us who have some Cromemco S/W could get together
here or off-list and compare who's got what.

How about it Randy, you're doing such a fine job with the 8"/3.5" issue,
feel like organizing something else? It's even relevant...
>> For that matter, is there any point? I don't see many people writing
>> Cobol or Fortran programs to run on a System 3...

>Yes.  There's always value in preserving this stuff.  Even if not apparent
>to us now.  And it only takes the space of a floppy disk (or no space at
>all once it's been converted over to a modern hard disk).
Well, that brings up the second point: if it's going to be archived on
the 'net, in what format?

As discussed elsewhere, PC images of Cromemco disks can be a 
problem because of their SD/DD mixed format.

Ordinary CDOS files are less of a problem since they're 8.3 file names
with no subdirectories; they can fairly easily be copied to a PC & ZIPped,
and copied back to a CDOS disk.

CROMIX & UNIX files are a little more problematic, because of the
long file names & subdirectories. They can be TAR'd, but again,
Cromemco being Cromemco, they used several incompatible 
TAR/TARZ80/FTAR formats.
BTW, Cromix V31.58, for example, consists of 10 FTAR disks,
although the Z80 versions are much smaller (2 disks)

And of course there's still the problem of the mixed format boot disks.

Any thoughts/a consensus?
>> So, any ideas what to do with it? (no obscene suggestions, please!)

>Stick it up your hard drive?
Well, that's what I've been doing, but a good dump would be welcome :)
Just need an appropriate site.
>> BTW, any news about what happened with Don Maslin's collection?

>I'm wondering the same thing.
And what about Al Kossov's site?


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