duplicate posts?

Jim Brain brain at jbrain.com
Tue Mar 1 23:55:33 CST 2005

Tom Peters wrote:

> I got this one twice. Same time/date stamp.
> At 11:01 PM 3/1/2005 -0600, you wrote:
>> So is anyone still getting duplicate posts besides Mr. Corbin?
>> If so, I'll dig into it.
>> Jay
I am, but I know why.

I am getting one from cctalk and one from cctech.

But wait....

I truly did unsubscribe from cctech, a few weeks ago, when Jay noted the 
first time about the relationship of the two lists.  I did NOT mark no 
mail, I unsubbed.  However, when Jay moved to the new list manager, I 
started getting messages again.

So, my theory is that even though I went through the motions to unsub, 
the old list manager did not truly remove me, but marked me as no-mail 
or something similar.

I have an unsubscribe from cctech around here in some mbox to back up my 
claim, should it be necessary.  I was not a "lazy" person who just 
marked no-mail, to my knowledge anyway.

In any event, I'm off to unsub again.


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