TRAC; Two TI DS10 disk packs available

Steve Jones classiccmp at
Thu Mar 3 14:16:46 CST 2005

> But won't Mooers sue him if the recoverer even looks at the
> code?!!

Calvin Mooers passed away in 1994, and the Foundation has made
source code available for download. The TRAC 84 source code on
that page is released under the LGPL, by the way.

The site does mention his pioneering position on IP protections
in the industry. Here's an exerpt from the relevant page of the

"Calvin N. Mooers was one of the first people to advocate the use of
existing laws to protect computer programming languages, and many people
remember TRAC for the controversy surrounding Mooers' efforts. The
following articles explain Mooers' position and that of some of his
critics."   (

So, maybe some folks will see the release of TRAC 84 source
under the LGPL as somewhat ironic in this context, I don't
have the history on this...


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