Altair32 Emulator "Easter Egg" idea

Richard A. Cini rcini at
Thu Mar 3 21:16:36 CST 2005


	I had an idea for an Easter Egg within the Altair32 Emulator. I
remember a story that you could run a certain program on the Altair and hold
an AM radio next to the Altair and you would hear music. IIRC, the song was
"Daisy" as was played in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

	Does anyone (1) have this program in source and/or binary and (2)
can someone make a high-quality WAV file of it for me (since I don't have an

	I figure I could take some liberties within the emulator code to
checksum/MD5 hash code loaded into the emulation space and if the music
binary is loaded, it'll set a flag which when RUN is toggled, the WAV would

	Wadda 'ya think?


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