Who invented DOS?

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> I'm not asking, but others are: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/03/03/msdos_paternity_dispute/


"DOS" means Disk Operating System.
Which includes, but is absolutely NOT limited to MS-DOS/PC-DOS.
Only people whose first (and only?) computer was an "AT" would
assume that "DOS" means MS-DOS/PC-DOS!

The first operating system that I can think of that was
NAMED "DOS" was for the IBM 360.

Doesn't ANYBODY remember personal computers such as Apple and TRS-80,
with prompts such as "DOS READY"?

TRS-DOS was written by Randy Cook.

Sorry.   Who wrote Apple-DOS?

MS-DOS/PC-DOS was written by Tim Patterson, but was basically
CP/M (by Gary Kildall)

MS-DOS/PC-DOS originally had few, if any, similarities to UNIX.
But MS-DOS/PC-DOS 2.00 was a rewrite in the hands of UNIX oriented

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