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Fri Mar 4 09:54:47 CST 2005

On Thu, 3 Mar 2005, Jim Leonard wrote:

> Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> > This is not a PC support list.
> >
> > You want to go out and buy yourself a copy of this:
> >
> That was a bit harsh, considering this is the cctalk list and not the cctech
> list.  Besides, his laptop is 4-5 years old if it only has a 5GB drive, so
> that's getting closer to on-topic, yes?

No, it is not anywhere near on topic and probably won't be for a long

> Just because we use old computers every day doesn't mean we ONLY use old
> computers every day...

That is so true.  But it is also true that there are a million other
resources on the internet to get the sort of information one needs to work
on PCs, the least of which is Google.

The point is that if I went onto a PC mailing list and asked someone to
help me troubleshoot my Commodore 64, I would probably be ignored,
possibly even laughed off, and rightly so.

We have a very special mailing list here with a specific character, which
is of great value to people in this hobby.  If we allow really common,
unextraordinary PC maintenance issues to be discussed any old time someone
wants to bring them up even though there are an infinite number of tools
and resources available only a few clicks away, we'll lose that unique
character, and subsequently most of the people who currently inhabit this
space who are valuable resources for the hobby.

Folks have used the list in the past to ask PC related problems, but that
has been in situations where they have already exhausted all other
resources, or they are in a serious pinch and needed immediate
information, and they always explain this.  This has been a rare occurence
as most people respect the character of the mailing list and its members.
Jim's issue could've been answered after 5 minutes of Googling.


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