VMS startup problem?

John Willis willisjo at zianet.com
Mon Mar 7 09:08:47 CST 2005


Having a bit of a problem starting VMS 5.1. It seems that it begins
execution of the startup procedure, but then it hangs. I'm wondering
if there's a way to bypass the startup procedures so I can find out
what's wrong. Here's the messages I get:


Performing normal system tests.


Tests completed.

Loading system software.


   VAX/VMS Version V5.1     Major version id = 1 Minor version id = 0
$!  Copyright (c) 1988 Digital Equipment Corporation.  All rights reserved.

The VAX/VMS system is now executing the system startup procedure.

%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM   7-MAR-2005 08:07:07.89  %%%%%%%%%%%
Logfile has been initialized by operator _OPA0:
%LICENSE-I-LOADED, DEC FORTRAN was successfully loaded with 50 units

And then nothing. Almost looks like a system ready to be logged into,
yet pressing Enter does nothing. I know the terminal emulator works
because I am able to halt the system and type commands successfully
at the >>> prompt.

Thanks in advance!

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