Altair32 Emulator "Easter Egg" idea

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at
Sat Mar 5 02:45:36 CST 2005

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>>>>That machine also had a very nice Calcomp plotter.  I miss plotters.
>>>I thik one of the old HP plotters would "sing" a song using the motors,
>>>given the proper power up sequence.
>>I have a program that plays "Daisy" on the Commodore 1541 disk drive(!)
> It does it by knocking the drive heads around. I have a DriveComposer archive
> that will let you compose arbitrary music for the 1541 (imagine a whole
> chorus of them ... ) ... couldn't be good for alignment, though.

I used to have an alignment disk that worked by reading a 
(specially-written) disk where each track was progressively more 
out-of-line (or rather, started too far out, went into line, and then 
became too far in).  The software would determine which track gave the 
least read errors, calculate the amount the head was out, then 
repeatedly whack the head off the appropriate end stop...

Terrifying to hear it in action, but it worked, and well.


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