Cromemco Software - what to do with it?

woodelf bfranchuk at
Sat Mar 5 14:48:13 CST 2005

Bjørn wrote:

> Try the Wayback machine:
All I get is this stupid moose and squrrel ... They do have the PDP 4/X 
and PDP 8/X archived
but all the good bits are in un-archived PDF's. I am surprized not many 
people are doing
classic machines in FPA's or CPLD's since compared to buying them the 
modern logic
is a lot cheaper. I guess everybody wants  emulated 6502's. :)
Ben Alias woodelf
PS. I have not seen a classic small  architecture that I like ( other 
than a PDP/8) thus I
am building my own design rather than collecting classic machines, but I 
still would like
 to know more about them.

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