MS Network Client under DOS 3.3 working

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Sat Mar 5 19:29:46 CST 2005

On Sat, 5 Mar 2005 mhscc at wrote:

> So, let me get this straight; as long as the client is running on
> a 386 or older (even though the files are dated 1996) it's on
> topic, but if someone were to ask how to network a Pentium II
> running DOS 6.22 to his XP system, you'd presumably tell him to
> FO & get the files from Microsoft; have I got that right?
> <rolling of eyes & shaking of head>

If you really want an answer, e-mail me privately.  I don't care to waste
any more list space with this argument.  If you don't get it then, well,
you just don't get it.

> BTW, does your package include the addon to make it bidirectional,
> or is it one way only?

As far as I can tell it's client only.

> I've used the MS client for years without any hiccups, but it is
> VERY memory hungry. It IS free though...

It's great when you want to copy files off *REALLY OLD* (hint) PCs that
interface to *REALLY OLD* (another hint) storage devices.


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