Catweasel opinions, sources of info etc.

Curt @ Atari Museum curt at
Sun Mar 6 13:10:51 CST 2005

Yeah, I wouldn't up rather disappointed myself as well...   I bought the 
ISA version and was hoping to eliminate the need to have to keep reading 
ST formatted disks into my ST and null-modeming them over to my PC, but 
instead to install a seperate 3.5" to the Catweasel and just natively 
read them in, it recognizes the disks, but won't copy the data, nice 
hardware, worthless without software support and after all these years 
still nothing much except some 3rd party TRS-DOS drivers have been written.

I have a ton of Amiga Quarterback disks I'd love to read in with it, but 
looks like that's not happening either.


Zane H. Healy wrote:

>> 2) Opinions of the board would be much appreciated, particularly in the
>> context of what it *can't* do, how easy it is to code for, how easy it
>> is to get hold of others' code to handle a particular format (rather
>> than reinventing the wheel), how well the board copes with media errors
>> etc.
> I bought the Zorro 2 version of the board for my Amiga years ago, 
> based in part on the fact that they advertised all these different 
> formats it could read.  What they failed to mention was that drivers 
> only really existed for Commodore 64 disks (you could also read PC and 
> Mac disks).  I was seriously ticked off.
> I think with the PCI model, especially in a Linux box, you might have 
> better luck.  I've actually considered buying a PCI version in spite 
> of my bad experience with the Zorro 2 model.
>             Zane

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