Build your %$@! computer here.

woodelf bfranchuk at
Sun Mar 6 17:20:06 CST 2005

>We sadly live in an era when people are considered 'technical' if they
>can point the right end of a phillips screwdriver at a bunch of clone
>parts and 'build their own' PeeCee.
Heck with everything all on one mother board your lucky if you can 
change the video card.
%$!@  old PC , $#!@ new games that want the latest video.

>I remember checking into the homebuild newsgroup, thinking maybe they
>were wirewrapping TTL together or something cool.
My ISP does  not  seem to suport news groups any more, so I can't say 
what is being built.
How about changing the name to alt.I' I notice 
here in Canada
Radio shack has got away from selling almost any kind of real electronic 
componemts but
it shure has a lot of  small light bulbs  and big heavy switches.

So were you planning to build a computer?
If so what kind?
Ben alias woodelf

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