picking locks

Doc Shipley doc at mdrconsult.com
Sun Mar 6 20:49:18 CST 2005

Scott Stevens wrote:

> (to bring this back on-topic) Do people feel it is 'damaging' to the
> credentials of a classic machine if the keylock is disabled or replaced?
>  Are there sources for the keys?  My ancient RS/6000 has the lock
> 'sprung' so that any screwdriver will turn it.  My SparcServer 1000 has
> the lock intact (and I have the key).

   I don't know about credentials, but the aesthetics are certainly 
diminished in my eyes.  And if it's a choice of having an intact 
ornament and a looted, running system, I'll drill it or spring it ina 

   I have keys to all my RS/6000s, and my SS1000 is drilled out.  ;)


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