Canon Cat -- what's it really like?

Eric F. elf at
Sun Mar 6 23:38:39 CST 2005

VCF wrote:


Ethan wrote:

 >> Pretty slick... any idea what the LM311 and the PAL
 >> do? Copy protection?

VCF wrote:

 > I have no idea, and the man best suited to answer the
 > question is gone now ;(  I'm sure some documentation
 > still remains.  Bruce Damer of the DigiBarn might
 > actually have some relevant stuff.  And least of all,
 > I'm pretty certain all of Jef's notes and such will be
 > preserved.

Perhaps this fellow could provide some insight as well:

Scroll down about half-way to the end of the page to read about his time & 
involvement with Information Appliance, Inc.

Bonus: there's a way-cool photo of a Swyft prototype (in a plexi-glass 
shell, no less) for the Canon Cat on this web page.

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