Web forums vs mailing list (was Re: minor list changes)

vrs vrs at msn.com
Mon Mar 7 09:21:43 CST 2005

From: "Vintage Computer Festival" <vcf at siconic.com>
> > Given the task at hand, given the needs of the users, given the
> > recently described hassles, is mailing-list technology the best
> > design and solution for this task?
> I prefer the flow and linearity of a mailing list.  I like to consume
> everything and discard what I don't care for.  With a web forum, it's more
> difficult to keep track of new messages being posted.  And with the
> incredible level of topic drift here, it's not entirely evident what's
> being discussed in any particular thread based on the title.  You might
> miss something you would be interested in or be helpful with.

What Sellam said!

> Find a web forum that acts like a mailing list and I'll buy in ;)

Another thing I like about the list:  I read mail locally (as opposed to a
drain-bamaged web interface).  As a side effect, my mail folders contain an
edited local "mirror" of the cctalk and cctech lists.  Which comes in mighty
handy when I need to find something, even if my ISP or the list is
out-to-lunch at the moment.

Also, if I wanted a web interface, couldn't I just go to the archives (and
post through a web email interface)?


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