DEC UNI/Q-BUS board physical size?

vrs vrs at
Mon Mar 7 16:30:35 CST 2005

> It does show (on page 90 in Al's copy in dec/pdp11) show the overall
> dimensions of a M9202 Unibus Jumper module.  That's a dual wide module
> and it seems to be full height.  (At least the height matches that of
> the UDA50 shown in the UDA50 engineering drawings).  What isn't shown,
> unfortunately, is the details of the edge connector.
> The UDA50 (hex module) is 8.41 by 15.688 inches board dimension.
> As for the Q-bus, those are dual or quad, not hex, but I think that
> the mechanical specs are identical to those of the Unibus.
> Ok, the RQDX3 board is 8.41 high by 5.187 inches wide, same within a
> few hundreds as the M9202, so that suggests the mechanicals are indeed
> the same.

OK, the logic handbook (1976-77, page 10) says that should be 8.430+/-0.010
by 5.187+0.015-0.020.  And it gives dimensions for the edge connector, too.

No hex dimensions on that page, but page 9 of "Computer Interfacing
Accessories" has it. (8.422x15.688+.005/-.020)


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