Web forums vs mailing list (was Re: minor list changes)

Tom Jennings tomj at wps.com
Mon Mar 7 18:42:14 CST 2005

On Mon, 7 Mar 2005, John Foust wrote:

> just saying "poopie".


> Has no one invented a web forum / mailing list hybrid, where web
> postings are echoed to the mailing list, and vice versa, and it
> updates in real-time or something close to it?  If some large
> percentage of subscribers switched to this web version, it would
> certainly lessen the load on the SMTP-based list.

Now if a web interface did something useful to the content, like
find deep cross-references, linkages, or something, besides burden
with sugar and bloat, that would probably get some use. Or present
the data in some truly useful graphical way that made sense to 
eyes body and brain.

It's rare enough when software can do that. Spreadsheets were
that, once.  Tables are now Part of the Problem.

The problem is still that humans can do things that computers
cannot.  While we're not doing those interesting problems with
email, mired mired in tradition (Simpson's "A HERITAGE OF
TRADITION!"), we're at least not doing it with low overhead and
only as much presentational sugar and bloat as we each choose.

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