minor list changes

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Mar 8 17:05:45 CST 2005

> I fail to see how the list you summarized indicates the users are 
> scared.  I agree some (no room for another machine) might not hold up 
> under severe scrutiny (Honey, no room for a PC/104 IBM, but I just took 
> deilvery of a PDP-11), but the others seem quite pragmatic. 

You don't know how little space I've got left.....

Anyway, PDP11s are not hard to accomodate. The CPU is quite often a 
single 10.5" (or even 5.25") rackmount box. That goes in a rack with 
other stuff.  And if there's no space in the rack, then it just sits on 
top of something else. And something else goes on top. It's a nice, 
cuboidal, module

The PC processor box is much the same, sure. But the monitor isn't. 
Monitors don't often go in racks (Yes, rackmount ones do exist, but they 
are not common or cheap). They are irregularly shaped boxes that don't 
stack nicely.  

For me to run a so-called modern PC, I would need a new monitor, and that 
is something I certainly can't accomodate


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