More Books Came today

Scott Stevens chenmel at
Wed Mar 9 18:41:50 CST 2005

On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 15:24:13 -0600
"Keys" <jrkeys at> wrote:

> FedEx dropped off another 100+ books today and there many in the cases
> that I want to read but I pulled these three for now.  "Heathkit
> Manual for the MICODER II" model HD-1984, "Charles Babbage Father of
> the Computer" by Dan Halacy, and "Introduction to Computer Systems
> Using the PDP-11 and Pascal" by Glenn H. MacEwen. 

How do *I* get FedEx to drop off books like those?  

I did get two whole grocery bags full of computer books at Christmas
when I visited the BookHouse in Dinkytown (Minneapolis).  Hadn't been
there in ages (live hundreds of miles away now).  I got a half dozen
textbook-type books that are VAX related, and a few of the late-70's era
'desiging with Microprocessors' type books.  Some Pascal and early Mac
books, too.  And they were books out on 'the cart' outside the store, so
priced $1 each (or $5 a bag for the two grocery bags full that I

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