decimal-addressed memory (was Re: ot? Simulate something....)

Eric Smith eric at
Tue Mar 8 14:48:25 CST 2005

Woodelf wrote:
> I like decmal machines but thay don't make decimal addressed
> memory.

Sure they do.  I've got plenty of extra, so I'd be happy to sell you as
much as you want.  Do you want the BCD, excess-3, or 4-2-2-1 addressed
parts?  What access time and capacity do you want?  I think the ones I
have the most of are the BCD ones with 10,000 words of two digits each.
If you need to store parity or word marks as well, you can use them as
one-digit-per-word instead.  They're perfect for building your own
IBM 1620 clone.


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