Panasonic HHC Basic on ePay

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Tue Mar 8 14:45:51 CST 2005

I'll happily split the cost of the BASIC ROM is you can make me a copy.

Someone else is selling an EO 440 and the bid is up to $108.  Crazy!  If it
were mint condition with all manuals and accessories, etc., then MAYBE it would
be worth $100.  But this one is not.

>>>>>>>>> --- Roger Merchberger <zmerch at> wrote:
> It's nutjob-expensive, if you ask me  - but the guy's 2 - one he's epaying 
> alone ($50 USD opening bid, BIN for $75) and he's got another complete 
> machine with the BASIC ROM in it for $115 BIN, IIRC. No bids on either 
> one... should I snag the ROM to make backups of it? :-O

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