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>> >I should note that, since FDI images are 100% exact bitwise dumps, they
>> >exactly easy to read (they're not nice clean formatted-track-and-sector
>> >so getting them translated back to an actual floppy diskette is not
>> >possible (since nobody has written the software to do so yet).
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>>  It is not a matter of software. It is a matter of hardware. Unless
>> someone can comes up with a trick, the controller won't do it.
>> Dwight
>You might look at:
>It uses a PIC.  It only has 256K of RAM right now but he is upgrading it to
>I'm looking into using an eZ80 and a Flash card.  By using track buffering
>it is possible to emulate almost anything with very little RAM.

Hi Randy
 I'm familiar with Eric's work. I was stating that without
specific hardware, writing these unusual formats is not possible
with a PC. Eric's stuff is a good way to handle things.
 Does anyone know the specifics of what is different
between the SVD format and the FDI's?. The SVD is an
ASCII octal format. Is the FDI a binary or something?

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