ST-238R and ST-225, likely controller?

Ryan Underwood nemesis-lists at
Thu Mar 10 12:17:58 CST 2005


A friend has a ST-238R and ST-225 that came out of his XT long ago.
We're trying to figure out what the most likely controller that was
being used in the original machine so we can recover the data.  It must
have been 8-bit and support RLL.  The best guess I can come up with is
the WD 27X (which I used to have).  Anyone else have a good guess?

I think the ST-225 came with the machine and then the ST-238R was
installed as part of a kit.  So whatever controllers were usually sold
with those as a kit (i.e. from Dirt Cheap or a refurbisher) would be a
likely candidate too.  For example, my 27X came with a Miniscribe 8438
kit from a refurbisher.


Ryan Underwood, <nemesis at>

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