three and a quarter inch floppy?

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Tue Mar 8 21:55:54 CST 2005

On Tuesday 08 March 2005 18:29, Jim Beacon wrote:
> > The later versions of the 3.5" use3d a higher coercivity disk, and
> > held 1.4M, instead of the previous 720K.
> > There were some other variations of the 3.5" physical case,
> > including a 2.8M Berrium-Ferrite disk, and 20M Flopticals.
> >
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> > Fred Cisin                      cisin at
> > XenoSoft              
> Does anyone have one of the IBM 2.88M 3.5" devices - we had a couple
> of PS2 machines with these in at work, but the drives disappeared
> (replaced with 1.44M units).

IBM apparently used up their surplus of them on microchannel RS/6000s, 
I've got a bunch of them from RS/6000 machines.  Unfortunately, they're 
pinned out like PS/2 drives (power on the 34-pin ribbon) instead of a 
separate power connector, but it's not terribly difficult to make up an 
appropriate adaptor.

Send me mail off-list if you want one.

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