Got 8" drive on PC working

Jim Leonard trixter at
Thu Mar 10 20:42:13 CST 2005

Fred Cisin wrote:
>>Does driver.sys in MS-DOS do the trick?
> The versions of DRIVER.SYS provided by MS, or in PC-DOS, do NOT have a 77
> track entry.  But one or more of the MS-DOS OEM suppliers could have
> created one; look particularly in V2.11 and V3.31

No, but you can use a TSR BIOS patch (a memory-resident driver) to patch DOS 
into making any diskette work (it doesn't rely on BIOS but rather the actual 
geometry of the formatted disk).  FDFORMAT comes with a small TSR to do this; 
the once-popular 2M did this too.  2M even got into the Linux mtools 
( for example).  As for FDFORMAT and 2M, any 
simtel mirror should have them...
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