OT Troubleshooting: Old computers with modern parts

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Fri Mar 11 17:26:44 CST 2005

Eric Smith wrote:

>If all else fails you can solder the SOICs onto carrier boards that
>will plug into DIP sockets.
This is most likely what I will do.

What's wrong with CMOS parts for interfacing?
I have a rug and a cat in my apartment.  Meow walk ... zap
I forgot to add , I like things socketed.

>Available in DIP.  74LVC runs on 3V but has 5V tolerant inputs, so it
>can be used to interface 3V CMOS to 5V TTL in both directions.
>When powered by 3V, 74LVC outputs will not go above 3V, so they can't
>drive pure 5V CMOS inputs.  However, many 5V VLSI CMOS parts will work
>with TTL-level inputs (min 2.0V Vih), so 3V 74LVC can drive those
>just fine.
Now what about driving leds?

>In general, if you want to build things with state-of-the-art chips,
>you're going to have to deal with SMT, whether you want to or not.
Straight 8's look better and better all the time. :)

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