USB Universal Floppy Disk controller

woodelf bfranchuk at
Sat Mar 12 11:01:58 CST 2005

Dwight K. Elvey wrote:

> I've always been looking at using a DSP chip for this job.
>I did expect to read parts of a track at a time and then
>reassemble them as condensed data. Chips like the Analog
>Devices 2181 have some 80Kbytes of onboard RAM. Although,
>it can't all be used for storage at the same time and
>some is needed for program space. These chips can be
>implemented with a real minimum of outside circuits.
>they even have a serial SPI that can be used to read
>disk data at higher speeds. These processor run at 30 MIPs
>plus. They can run some operations, such as data moving
>to arrays in single cycles, including updating of pointers.
>They can do as many as 5 operations in a single cycle.
> The can bootstrap from simple slowspeed EPROM of FLASH.
>One could easily connect one of these to that USB chip
>that someone pointer to earlier.
Look what you are doing is building a generic floppy disk controler.
The only high speed device what you use to sync the  data/clock pulses
to the system cpu clock. The rest is software.  I'd sooner use a CPLD
designed for generic bit sampling but a PIC would also work with
a digital data/clock seperator. Now would getting the people who do
cat-weasel create a USB version be a better goal?
Ben alias woodelf
PS. What about hard-sectored floppy disks, that too may  need reading

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