MicroVAX II - TK50 problem

Pete Turnbull pete at dunnington.u-net.com
Sat Mar 12 18:02:36 CST 2005

On Mar 12 2005, 15:18, John Willis wrote:
> Here's an update, for all who may be interested in it:
> The MicroVAX II now has the following configuration:
>        A        B        C        D
>   +-------------------------------------+
>   |                CPU                  |
>   +-------------------------------------+
>   |                Memory               |
>   +-------------------------------------+
>   |       TQK50      |      EMPTY       |
>   +-------------------------------------+
>   |                DHV11                |
>   +-------------------------------------+
>   |                DRQ3                 |
>   +-------------------------------------+
>   |       RQDX3      |     EMPTY        |
>   +-------------------------------------+
> I'm trying to get my hands on a DELQA or a DEQNA. Will
> this require yet another re-shuffle of the cards, or can I
> move the RQDX3 to the end and put the DELQA/DEQNA where
> the RQDX3 is now?

Common concensus is that a DELQA is better than a DEQNA -- more
reliable and less prone to dropping/corrupting packets.  In either
case, though, you want it fairly high up the bus because it's not very
happy waiting too long while other things get their interrupts or DMA
requests serviced.  Also I have a feeling that DEQNA support was
dropped from VMS round about 5.something -- but I'm not a VMS expert,
so I stand to be corrected by others (is the driver much different?
 The actual Ethernet part certainly is).

I'd suggest you move the DHV11, DRQ3, and RQDX3 down a slot, and put
your network card in the slot below the TQK50, with your grant card
beside it.

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