Doc Shipley doc at
Sun Mar 13 23:41:13 CST 2005

woodelf wrote:

> Unless you got gas!  Now is 66 decimal or octal?
> One thing about this group regardless of age or talent we all got into 
> computers
> because I think we all wanted to try the 'new' techology for ourselves 
> rather than
> let some-body else do computer hardware/software for us.

   Naw, I'm an oil-field refugee.  I just wanted to start washing my 
hands *after* I used the restoom.

   Seriously, I'm a gearhead.  I was never interested in computers at 
all till I started getting too old to spend eight straight in the sun 
every day, and "computer stuff" looked like the fast track to an 
air-conditioned paycheck.

   Little did I know....


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