Byte sizes (was Re: 2.8M 3.5' floppy

Steven Canning cannings at
Mon Mar 14 15:38:50 CST 2005

Ah, I like my morning "serial" to be "byte-sized"..... All seriousness
aside, here in California, the cultural and computing center of the universe
(you're suppose to laugh at this point), a "byte" was always 8 bits,
half-word was 16 bits (or a short-word) and a word was 32 bits (or a
long-word). On a 64 bit machine a byte was still the same but a "word"
doubled. But throughout the known universe a "nybble" (or nibble) was always
4 bits (reference: reality and the Computer Webopedia.....). Let the
bludgeoning begin....

Best regards, Steven C.

> Addressing unit is WORDS... How ever text can and often was packed in 6
> bit nibbles?
> The real gotya on the old machines... UPPER CASE ASCII ONLY.
> Ben alias woodelf

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