PerSci 277 floppy drives

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Tue Mar 15 13:43:30 CST 2005

From: "Doc Shipley" <doc at>
Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 1:12 PM
> Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
>>>   The question is, is this one of the drives that plays nicely with a
>>>PC FDC?  I have a couple of older ISA IDE/FD controllers, and an Adaptec
>>>1542 if I can dig it up.
>> Does it have a standard data connector?  This should be a 50-conductor
>> edge conncetor.
>   Looks like a standard 50-pin edge connector, yes.  After reading a 
> little in the owner's manual, it's MFM, dual density, so worst case I 
> should be able to run it on an older PC-based FDC, right?
> Doc

The 277 is a fast repeat fast single sided floppy drive.

The high-speed seek can be ignored but what can not be ignored is the track 
location.  Being a dual drive both heads move at the same time, this can 
confuse some software.

Details on making a 34 to 50 pin cable can be found on my website.

The Persci's also have a slew of jumpers, it is best just to try it the way 
it is.

The Persci's are very sensative, shipping often destroys them.  To ship it 
you need a special cardboard shipping retainer to keep the heads from 
slamming back and forth.

It also uses special wheat-lamps that burn out easily.


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