HHC Basic Status

Roger Merchberger zmerch at 30below.com
Tue Mar 15 17:57:06 CST 2005

Been kinda busy (especially at home - which is where all the fun stuff is 
supposed to happen...)

However, on Sunday, I did get enough of a chance to dead-bug connect 2 
24-pin wirewrap sockets together, and wirewrap the legs - this made a 
hackish but working adapter for the HHC Roms. I read several different Roms 
into the PC, verified 'em, looked at .bin files and I can say that 
everything that looked like it should be text looked like text.

The Basic ROM just came in today - and despite the lack of anti-stat looks 
to be in fair shape. It also looks like the seller put 2 dabs of epoxy on 
the chip so it couldn't be removed from the carrier and copied. (I say that 
because I could still smell the epoxy - Everything that I've ever epoxied 
stopped smelling after 2-3 weeks; a month at most.) Of course, my adapter 
doesn't give a whit about that... ;-)

I'm looking to snipe an EPROM eraser on ePay tonite about 10pm EST... If I 
don't get that one tonite, I'm just gonna buy one so I'll be able to burn 
new EPROMs very soon.

If anyone just wants the code and can make their own EPROMs, I'll have that 
available soon; prolly tonite. ;-)

I'll keep in touch,

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