USB Universal Floppy Disk controller

woodelf bfranchuk at
Wed Mar 16 20:02:22 CST 2005

Tony Duell wrote:

>Oh yes. But the point it is took many, many, compiles to get the darn 
>thing to work. I am sure I could have hand-wired it in less time than 
>that. If you need to make a change to a hand-wired design, it takes, 
>perhaps, 5 minutes. To do it to the FPGA design means another overnight 
It depends on how complex your design is. It is when you get about 80+% 
things slow
right down. The biggest problem with FPGA's and CPLD's is getting the 
compiler to
keep the same pin layout on the part between compiles or having a 
compile work
when you assign your pin layout. IE:  pin 45 clock; pin 35 io7 ...

>Maybe I am terminally clueless (well, I am, but...) , but I prefer to 
>design a bit, build it, test it, design the next part, and so on. Doing 
>that in an FPGA seems to be totally impractical with the long compile times.
Well you can do that way too. Even with CPLD's you still have hardware 
... Hammer saw
saw saw drill curse .... I'm busy making the wooden box to hold the 
computer and front

PS. Back on topic ... looking a digi-key catalog they have a lot USB to 
ABC development
kits. A bit pricy like $200-$300 but it may be worth it if you can find 
a USB to uControler

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