PerSci 277 floppy drives

Doc Shipley doc at
Wed Mar 16 20:14:52 CST 2005

Tony Duell wrote:
>>Definitely get the IDC connectors, even if you have to mail order them.
>>Soldering 50 conductor ribbon cable is not my idea of fun.
> Another tip ; If, as here, you're making a cable with swapped-round 
> connections, get the 'rainbow' multi-coloured cable, not the grey stuff. 
> Being able to recognise wire 15 (it's the second green one) rather than 
> counting, and probalby miscounting, for each one, is well worth the extra 
> cost of the rainbow cable.

   Tony, of all the useful suggestions I've seen you make on this list, 
that's probably the coolest.

   I know my parts house *has* a few yards of multi-color 34-lead 
ribbon, and it likely wouldn't have occured to me to use it.

   I did borrow my boss's line-labeler, though.  :)

   And I'm still planning to use it.


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