three and a quarter inch floppy?

David Woyciesjes woyciesjes at
Wed Mar 16 21:13:36 CST 2005

Jim Beacon wrote:
>>The later versions of the 3.5" use3d a higher coercivity disk, and held
>>1.4M, instead of the previous 720K.
>>There were some other variations of the 3.5" physical case, including a
>>2.8M Berrium-Ferrite disk, and 20M Flopticals.
>>Fred Cisin                      cisin at
> Does anyone have one of the IBM 2.88M 3.5" devices - we had a couple of PS2
> machines with these in at work, but the drives disappeared (replaced with
> 1.44M units).
> jim.

	I do believe I have an old Thinkpad with one of them 2.88 drives. 
Anybody want it?

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