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Heinz Wolter h.wolter at
Thu Mar 17 00:34:43 CST 2005

do a goole on "tiny unix"
there was a port of mmu-less unix V5 or V6
that ran on LSI-11 - so it fit in 16KWords..

Cameron Kaiser" <spectre at> asked:

> Does anyone know a true (not a homebrew hack) multitasking environment
> will run in 16K or less, preferably with available source?
> I was looking at Mini-UNIX for the PDP-11 and that's something similar to
> what I'm looking for, but I wondered what other alternatives there were.
> architecture will do, but I'm particularly interested in minicomputer
> architectures for this project (DG, DEC, IBM, etc., would all be
> Thanks for humouring my odd request ^^
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