TU56/TC11 restoration

Ashley Carder wacarder at usit.net
Thu Mar 17 08:58:46 CST 2005

> > If anyone has any other suggestions (or sources for motor run caps), I'd
> > be interested too.

Vince said:
> I used a Vanguard BC-108 (108-130mfd 110-125VAC) to replace one of mine that
> had leaked.  They shouldn't be hard to find.
> The physical form factor is different (smaller), so they don't look like the
> original equipment, though.  I just wrapped it in tape until the diameter
> was sufficient for the original clamp :-).

My TU56 arrived and I spent some time looking over it.  It is missing a
G742 module, but has a "homemade" card in its place.  It is also missing
two M941 jumper/extender cards.  Otherwise it appears to be complete.
I need a couple of empty take-up reels.  Does anyone have any of these
or the G742 or M941s?  I don't want to waste decent DECtapes just
to get empty reels.

It is quite dusty and has some cat hairs on it.  I'm thinking I should 
dis-assemble some of it and get rid of the dust that has adhered to most
things.  What's the best way to clean the backplane to restore it to what
should be a functional, clean condition?

I looked at the capacitors and they don't appear to have leaked (yet).
I also discovered that it likely has not been powered on since 1989.
Would it be prudent to go ahead and replace the capacitors, or should
I use the "power up slowly" method described by others so the the 
capacitors can be re-formed?

The tape spindles spin by hand and don't appear to be too tight.

I will take pictures of the work-in-process and put on my web site
at http://www.woffordwitch.com. I'll add a "Current Projects" link
on the left-hand nav menu and add TU56/TC11 under there.  I'd 
like to keep a log of everything.  Perhaps others can use this 
information in the future.


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