archiving data, was RE: Media Longitevity/Care

Doc Shipley doc at
Thu Mar 17 11:42:30 CST 2005

Guy Sotomayor wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 00:32 -0800, Tom Jennings wrote:
> This reminds me that I read not too long ago that many of the super
> computer labs ship PCs between sites because it's *faster* to ship a
> working PC with 1TB of disk containing data than it is to transfer it
> over a long haul network (ie FedEx will get it there in ~24hrs...think
> about the bandwidth required to transfer 1TB in ~24hrs).  Not to mention
> a whole lot cheaper!  It also scales well!!  :-)

   We have a client who owns what they call a "fleet" of SNAP servers 
that rotate between San Antonio, TX, Delaware (I think), and California. 
  I haven't been involved with that contract in 3 years, but at that 
time they had about 16TB on the road on any given weekday.


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