S-100 SASI setup info needed

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Thu Mar 17 14:41:12 CST 2005

From: <rcini at optonline.net>
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 1:44 PM
> All:
>  I'm longing to add a hard disk system to the Altair emulator. I came 
> across a 3-part series in BYTE (March - May 1983) for a host-computer 
> adapter manufactured by ASC Associates connected to a XEBEC-S1410 based 
> 10mb SASI Winchester drive.
>  In part 3 of the article, BYTE printes the complete CBIOS, but the 
> article stops in the middle of the code around page 400 of the issue. I 
> have a nearly-complete series of BYTEs and I haven't found a reference to 
> the code in any subsequent issue.
>  So, here's the question...does anyone have a copy of the complete CBIOS 
> from the article *or* have a CBIOS for another XEBEC-based setup?
>  Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
> Rich

If you send me what you have I can see about re-creating it but a better 
idea might be to emulate the GIDE.

Howard Harte's SuperIO controller is another option and the full CBIOS is 
available, it is extremely similar to the GIDE.

I may have some Big-Board II info around, it used the XEBEC-based 
controller.  In real life many found the Adaptec 4000 series to be better 
since in real life it remapped bad sectors out and there was an RLL version.


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