Light pens?

Jim Leonard trixter at
Fri Mar 18 16:32:43 CST 2005

I have two IBM Model 5150s (one original rev, and a rev b).  I think I've 
explored every single inch of the hardware except for light pens -- I would 
really like to experiment with one and write some software that interfaces with 
one.  Does anyone know:

1. What light pens were available and for which PCs?  (I also own Tandy 1000s, 
and they have "light pen" ports too)

2. Does anyone have any light pens for sale or trade?

I've already tried googling and searching usenet -- the only references I can 
find are companies selling light pens for modern machines, and tech info that 
states the obvious (ie. "The IBM PC supported a light pen"... yeah, thanks :-)
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