TU56/TC11 restoration - VARIAC question

Bjørn bv at norbionics.com
Sun Mar 20 04:36:09 CST 2005

On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 02:33:01 +0100, Eric Smith <eric at brouhaha.com> wrote:

> Paul wrote:
>> If I remember right, dioxins are substances known to be extremely
>> dangerous to guinea pigs, slightly toxic to rats, and maybe not at all
>> to most other mammals...
> I'm sure that's very comforting to Viktor Yushchenko, who is suffering
> from dioxin poisoning.
The clue here is that media want you to believe there is a single  
substance called "dioxin", just like this dangerous "atom" thing.
Dioxins are as different as, say, alcohols or acids.
I understand from a friend who is doing research in biochemistry, that a  
couple of dioxins are harmful to people. They are not all that easy to  

On the other hand, anything is harmful in big enough doses. I think  
Yushenko got a dose several million times what you get from working all  
your life in an incinerator.


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