Low-Level PC Formatting Using Debug Commands

Scott Stevens chenmel at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 21 08:12:16 CST 2005

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005 21:25:36 -0800
Marvin Johnston <marvin at rain.org> wrote:

> I just ran across this and thought it might be of interest for anyone
> doing a low level format on a PC (not AT) type controllers. It was
> taken from a February 13, 1989 issue of Tech Times that appears to be
> a ComputerLand Confidential publication (this is a copy.) My usual
> procedure was to unassemble C800:5 or C800:6 and G=????:? the address
> that was a jmp instruction. I've never used the :800 or tried to
> format a Xebec controller.
> *******************
> Company		Debug Command
> Adaptec		-G=C800:CCC
> DTC		-G=C800:5
> Omti		-G=C800:6
> Western Digital	-G=C800:5 or
> 		-G=c800:800
> Xebec		Series of commands
> 		-l322
> 		-l321
> 		-o322 0
> 		-l321
> 		-o320 04
> 		-0320 00
> 		-o320 00
> 		-0320 00
> 		-0320 05
> 		-0320 07 (use 17 if embedded servo dr)
> At this point, the LED on the drive should come on to indicate that
> the drive is formatting. When the light goes off, coninue:
> 		-l321
> 		-l320
> The last entry should get 00 status back, indicating a successful
> format.

I remember that old Xebec routine.  It was always a little
nerve-wracking as you got no feedback until deep into the procedure.  I
have a file folder full of old hard drive/controller lore that one day I
should scan and make available.

If I am remembering correctly, the Xebec controller was the one
originally used in the IBM-XT machines.

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